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Springtime in Texas….

This past week we were able to complete only one full day of school.  First it was freezing rain, then came the snow – a whole four inches! This is crazy weather is typical for the part of the world, especially since the week before it hit 70F and we had glorious sunshine.  Crazy weather!

What amazes me is that this disruption brings out either the best in people or the worst, there isn’t much middle ground. Kids and dogs, it was the best….they had a ball in the snow, adults, not so much.  What seems to be the root of the problem is that daily routines get turned on their head, we are so set in our ways that the slightest diversion from the norm sends us into a tail spin.

I heard parents complaining that kids were in school rather than being kept home, kept home rather than sent to school.  Weathermen blamed for the weather like it was their fault.  Power companies blamed for outages when they were working hard to restore power, and as for the completely bonkers behavior in Walmart…..well that was unreal.

I’m going to be honest, I’m more a flip flop person than a rubber boots person.  I don’t like to be cold.  I found myself frustrated that I was getting behind with my classes, that I wasn’t at the spot I had planned for, what with tests coming up.  Then the realization dawned on me…..there is ABSOLUTELY nothing I can do about it, it is entirely out of my control, so why was I getting aggravated?  To quote the Disney movie “Frozen” it was time to “let it go”……

We did have power so I kind of liked being home. I watched my bird feeder and caught up on movies.  I even did housework and I especially liked watching the unbridled joy of two dogs who clearly lack any sense of temperature in their feet.  While I don’t care to be frozen, there is something magical about the quiet and quality of light when everything is blanketed in snow.  It’s so bright and sparkly!

I guess the expression is “make hay while the sunshines” or alternatively chase tennis balls when it snows!

Either way, roll on summer…..

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